Monday, October 4, 2010

Making Money Online

I haven't made a post in a while I been working a lot so I don't have time to get on much anymore.
These are some good ways to make some money online.

The first one is Linkbucks.


This one is nice because you can put the automatic link script on your blog and any pics/links people click will earn you some cash.

The other one I use is Cash Gopher.

This one I like because its all automated you just run the program and it will generate money by creating pop-ups and word ads while you browse the Internet. If your not quite sure what i mean by that just try it out and you will see.

I use Linkbucks on a couple of websites and run cash gopher on a few of my PCs. They make me a few bucks a day for doing practically nothing. Hope you find these programs useful.


  1. nice post =)
    will check out these sites later for some online money making 8)

  2. Checking out gopher myself. Used to do some of these distributed computing long ago. I had an old machine and the pay didnt seem decent back then. I think I made like $20 over the course of a year or so. How long you been on gopher? Is the pay decent?

  3. @kkazzamm well gopher makes me around $1 a day but that might be because I'm running it on a few PCs that are used by my family and friends.

  4. Ok im thinking of keeping it running on a VM when my main machine is up and running. using that fpweb so im hoping that its considers lowly ie as no work on the pc and will actually do some processing. I fear putting it on multiple pc's woudl eat more power than I would earn from it