Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Things We Do

Have you ever wondered why we do the things that we do?
I have.

Its kinda like this.

Why do I hack computer programs and games?

Well its because Ive always wanted to be a great hacker, but now that I am, I wonder why I continue, Maybe because its the only thing I have known to do, Hacking is a part of me so I will always do it.

So what if I stopped?

Well what would I become of me if I stopped hacking? Maybe some ex-hacker? Thats just doesn't seem good enough for me.

Well what about me IRL?

To be perfectly honest I have a great life, I have many friends IRL and a great job with Market America. I help my mom and my sister when I can but it never is enough.

Sometimes I wonder what would happen if I died today.

Well first off my mom would inherit my business with Market America. Second I would hope that my friends would come to my funeral. It would be a lot of fun, after all if you unscramble the word funeral it spells "real fun" so I would want mine to have tons of fun stuff to do, instead of being a sad time of remembering me I would rather it be a fun time of jokes and laughter at least then I would bring a last glimpse of joy to my friends lives.

Anyway if you read this whole post it might make you think about what you have done and what you want to happen in your life.

Finally hit the 1337 of bloggers.

I noticed that right after I posted this.


  1. Nah, it makes sense. Also, I'd want a happy funeral too instead of every cunt moping about.

  2. what you wont for love.......youve tried everything

  3. Whatever you do, do it for love, the love of

    the game.

  4. Whatever you do, do it for the lulz

  5. daily support
    add meh :D

  6. funeral it spells "real fun"

    unfortunatly it's never real fun

  7. supportin!

  8. That's right. What if any of us died today? Life would move on, but maybe "we" (as in the others, not us that died) would miss something great in the future... not only maybe, but certainly.

  9. My mom plans to have a set of speakers by her coffin at her funeral that would play recordings of her when people kneel to pray my her. Say shit like "Who the hell told you you look good in black, go change!" and "I think your Mascara is running"

  10. this shit made me bawww, but a great post none the less
    great blog one of mah faves